Sunday, August 16, 2009

Did it Sink In?

There are a number of people around the country and a very vocal core here on the Internet who listened to what the Obama Administration and their Democratic partners in the legislature were planning to do with Healthcare in America and they said, NO!

As a result:
  • They were scorned by the state-run media as "astroturf" (fake grass roots movement)
  • A few were beaten by union thugs hired by the Obama Administration to keep them from participating in town hall meetings and exercising their option to petition their representatives in the legislature.
  • They were harassed by ACORN people, hired and bussed in to form a counter-demonstration.
  • The White House took the extraordinary measure of establishing a means to denounce anyone who disagreed with the Obama Administration by presenting an e-mail address where others could inform on them.
  • MSNBC, CNN and the three major networks called them Nazis and crazies because we protested what we knew would be bad for America.
  • They were demonized by their legislators as being "too well dressed", "too articulate to be genuine" and darkly suggested a plot by the insurance companies to hire Americans to be patriots at town hall meetings.
  • Glenn Beck, a Fox Newsman, has had to hire security to protect his family from the union thugs because he called it the way it was. (Thanks for standing up for America, Glenn!)
Today the White House is releasing rumors that they are backing down from their plan. The President's polls are dropping like a cannonball from the leaning tower.

Is it over? No. The Obama Plan is a comprehensive program to turn America into a socialist state, however, so long as Americans are both vigilant and vocal, it doesn't look as it it can succeed.


Opus #6 said...


Political Blog said...

I believe that the large number of people who are saying no to health care don't know what they are saying no to. I think it is the fear of the unknown that is causing them to say no as oppose to asking questions. Remember, a bill is changeable, we are at a point where these bills can evolve into what the American people want. They want health care, that much is for sure.

WoFat said...

They won't give up; they'll just change the direction and toe of their attacks. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Then strike back.

Stephanie Faris said...

Good news that the White House is at least backing down. I'm SO glad people are speaking up and being heard.

Red said...

The White House will never back down. Stay alert. This is far from over.

LL said...

Political Blog: I think they do know what they are saying "no" to - and this is the key: The present bill forces a single-payer system on the public and 85% of Americans are happy with their healthcare system/insurance options.

The system is in need of reform but the ObamaCare program would throw the baby out with the bath water.

Americanising Desi said...


a voice to hear!

I hate to see American people being deceived...
they need to make good use of their rights!

they have plenty!

Anonymous said...

Interesting commentary; I spent the evening with friends in Holland last night and heard about the waitng list for the 85 year old man's open heart surgery. It was a six month waiting list. Due to friends in America (he is a Yale graduate and retired law professor in Holland)he was introduced to a cardiologist in the US and underwent open heart surgery within 72 hours. The Dutch government paid half of the cost of the US surgery as that is what the Dutch government said it would have cost them in Holland. The personal account gives me much to think about when evaluating the proposed changes to Healthcare in America.

LL said...

Anonymous: Thanks for sharing that. Your comments were on point with the concerns of many of us who are happy with the way things work in the US.

Anonymous said...

Nice summary. Hopefully, people just ain't buyin' this crap anymore, regardless of how many media megaphones the lefties shout their propaganda through.

To paraphrase Honest Abe, You can't demonize all the people all the time...

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