Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Canada!

What do you think of when I say "Canada"?

Do you think of the arctic with sleds being pulled by dogs beating across trackless ice flows?

Does your mind fly to quaint Quebec or the matchless beauty of British Columbia?

In the video below, a news crew is on the streets of Toronto, interviewing Canadians, getting their opinion on the currently mandated practice of having to speak both English and French . It's a matter of debate throughout the country. See how these friendly, fun loving Canadians respond to the news crew:


Experience Toronto
Experience Canada
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The Fien Family said...

That is some funny shit.

WoFat said...

Canada: THe preferred connection for cable problems, as opposed to India and the P.I.

LSP said...

Oh Canada...

Calgary's marginally more sane than the rest of it - perhaps.

LL said...

The Canadians are a friendly, open people.

Denise said...

I have never been to Canada but we hope to head up there maybe next summer... We have a nice camper and thought it might be fun to go and camp some and see the country.....

darlin said...

That is way to funny! People, not all of us Canadians choose to behave this way, friendly yes, but not quite this friendly... maybe the ones in TO but not in Edmonton, well that I have seen anyways! I lead a sheltered life mind you! LOL

LL where did you find this? I'd love to pass this one on!

LL said...

Denise - in all seriousness, Canada is a great place. I spent time there for work and had a few moments to enjoy myself. It's the sort of place you want to return to.

I had hoped to have traveled there this summer on an off-road vehicle expedition but work/life got in the way.

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