Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Town Hall Meeting

Congress is in recess. This is the time your elected representatives travel home to meet with you. Many lawmakers consider these meetings an inconvenience. Idiots like Sen. Arlen Specter explained to voters that in matters of of large pieces of legislation such as the health care bill, "we have to make judgments very fast". It seems his constituents didn't like what he and Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius had to say when explaining their plans to force an ostensibly free people into a communal health care system.

The media refers to those of us who attend town hall meetings as "mobs" and the Democrats refer to us as "tools of the insurance industry" or "agitators paid by the insurance industry". None of them call us anti-communists. Strange isn't it.

An aggressive socialist government has combined to meddle in your personal life, in your private affairs and your liberty and life are literally threatened by this action they've taken. Don't allow lawmakers the luxury of hiding in their office suites behind their staff. Confront those who would subjugate you and make your voice heard in the town hall meetings this summer. We are not rabble. We are not a mob. We are free people intent on remaining free from the Marxists who would put their boots on our necks and subjugate us.


Opus #6 said...

Does the term "backed into a buzz-saw" mean anything to them?

Anonymous said...

Great caricature--The pic is absolutely great!!


WoFat said...

A mixture of Socialism and Al Capone. How cute and clever and wonderful and politically correct, etc. ad nausea.

LL said...

If we don't stand up for the rights our forefathers earned for us (against tyrants), it will be much more difficult to win them back.

Stephanie Faris said...

I've never attended one but I swear, I always feel as if they just don't really care. My one little voice won't matter unless it's joined by hundreds of others.

Red said...

Local Tea Parties are on this like ugly on an ape. If you can find one, attend!

LL said...

I attended a Tea Party in April. It was the first protest I ever participated in.

The state-run media didn't cover one of the over fifty Tea Parties nationwide. To THEM, we were rabble.

The Tea Parties were civil, and made up of concerned people, most of whom took off work to attend. I was impressed with those present. It wasn't a circus. We were trying to make our voices heard in a nation that now ignores the TAX PAYERS in their zeal to establish collectivism.

LSP said...

Well said, LL, viz. "tyrants" - and "aggressive socialism". I hope the T Party fightback registers and gains critical mass. I'd hate to see us turn into a larger version of Canada or what used to be Great Britain.

Its remarkable to me that people are still flogging the utterly discredited red horse - as though the Gulags had never existed.

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