Saturday, August 15, 2009

Inept Federal Government

Those of you who know me, know what I'm doing for a living and that I interface with the US and other government agencies on a regular basis. At least ninety percent of what I do involves very "high interest activities", which means that if done right or wrong, it's a news headline somewhere, even though I am not personally mentioned.

Last night information came to me that all of you would agree with me would be vital for the government to deal with, but it needed to be acted on NOW because the situation was perishable. Two government security/law enforcement agencies, tasked to deal with this sort of work (sorry I'm being vague) 24/7 were informed. The reply came back - "We really don't want to work on Friday night or on the weekends."


I worked for the government and saw it all first hand.

Are any of you (anywhere in the world) happy with the service your government provides you? Do any of you feel that the public servants who are supposed to serve your interests are actually interested in doing their jobs? --- beyond working for a check and eventual pension?

Extending that, are any of you interested in MORE government ineptness in your lives? More government programs? More taxes? More rules?

The more removed government is from the people they serve, the less in tune they are with the people they work for (and the less they care). And if, for example, you feel that the US Federal Government is indifferent, WHY would you want them to manage your health care? Do you think they'd manage the money better this time than they have in the past? (consider that the US Social Security and Medicare system are expected to run out of money within the next couple of years based on US Government projections)


WoFat said...

But you don't understand. heir wives had plans. Besides, it was Bush's fault.

LL said...

RULE 1. Liberals are never at fault.

RULE 2. If you have any doubts, see Rule 1.

Opus #6 said...

You better never get sick on weekends or holidays.

darlin said...

The government plain out pisses me off when I begin to think about the mess they have created here, especially Ralph Klien in Alberta. EVERYTHING that he could possibly privatize, he did. Healthcare is so buggered up here since Klien changed everything, services we used to think were horrible when the government ran them are now unbearable... it's pathetic. Do NOT allow public heath care, then the cuts begin and people die needlessly due to waits. The hospitals are not sanitary anymore, not like they once were. I could go on and on with this one and this is why I generally don't broach this subject so I think that I'll just quit there, in three years I will be fighting government and their bull... cutbacks, their lack of services, etc. on a daily basis. I might just as well let it build until I have those little letters behind my name so that they will know who they are firing! lol

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