Thursday, March 12, 2009

Asian Organized Crime

There was a time - once - when the nation was not preoccupied by turbaned men determined to reach heaven and the promised seventy-seven virgins. In that day, efforts were made to curb the ongoing serious problem of criminality within the Asian communities in the US and Canada. The Center for Asian Crime Study (CACS) still exists ( through the efforts of a few. Unfortunately men like Lieutenant Jack Willoughby (New Orleans PD), Special Agent Ken Sanz (Florida Dept of Law Enforcement), Cordell Hart (CIA), Commander Mario Lamothe (Montreal Police Department) and many others retired without leaving trained successors because the world no longer cared. Others like Sergeant Tom Purdue (San Francisco PD) died on duty with their boots on. Unsung experts such as William Cassidy, retired to private meditation. They can not be replaced but nobody is interested in doing that today. We seem to be able to focus on one thing at a time as a culture.

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WoFat said...

We, as a nation, seem able to work on only one problem at a time. After 911, work on Asian Organized Crime - and most other criminal groups - stopped. Everything was devoted to terrorism. Terrorism investigation by government and local agencies is a major priority, as it should be. However, other major crimes should also be worked on.

Politically correct is a way of like it seems.

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