Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greedo Returns?

Seasons change and today I saw my first Anna's Hummingbird. Soon they'll all be back and hopefully my favorite hummingbird, Greedo, will join the throng. 

There is a soft place in my heart for hummingbirds. Their antics, their strict territoriality, their "poaching" on the flowers other birds have claimed as their own - I love it all.

My business has picked up recently and it causes me to be away more than I have been. The lazy afternoons with a book or a sketch pad on the patio with the hummingbirds will remain a priority in my life no matter the other demands that come my way.


WoFat said...

We shall put out our hummingbird feeders next week. If it's not snowing.

Weather here is woo-woo.

Devin and Kelly said...

yay greedo is coming back!

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