Friday, March 13, 2009

Lunar Trivia Today (Fri 13th)

It's not quite a full moon. The moon is 9% effaced and the gibbous moon is waning. A gibbous moon is one of the phases of the moon, when the size of the illuminated portion is greater than half but not a full moon. The period between a first quarter moon and a full moon is known as a waxing gibbous moon, because the illuminated region of the Moon is increasing from day to day. After it becomes a full moon, but hasn't reached the last quarter, the moon is called a waning gibbous moon.


Devin and Kelly said...

crazy things happen on friday the 13th! and id you know that on full moons more people go into labor, no one knows why but it just happens

LL said...

Werewolves come out at the full moon too!

WoFat said...

We live 20 feet from the forest. Woooooooooooo!

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