Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Solution (to the Russian Ship ID game)

Project 58 Missile Cruiser - (NATO designation Kynda Class)

These were the first Soviet missile cruisers. There are two "weenie packs" of SS-N-3B Shaddock missiles mounted forward and aft. Four ships were completed: Grozny, Admiral Fokin, Admiral Golovko and Varyag.  Keep in mind that I'm a product of the warmongering imperialists so we're not that bright. In order to differentiate the Kynda Class from other Soviet Cruisers (Kresta I, Kresta II, Sverdlov Class, etc.) we learned the a mantra. "Kynda's like Linda - she has two of everything" (including two weenie packs) If you look at the silhouette below, you'll see what I mean. Two radar masts (to deviant sailors too long at sea could be breasts) and the weenie packs meant that she was an odd lady.


WoFat said...

Soviet Navy? Why . . ., why . . . them people is Communists!

LL said...

I still studied it professionally. You have to know where to place the limpet mines if you want to sink them with a whimper.

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