Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maternal Tigress

This was carried by the press and it's not news. This morning I was thinking about tigers, Thailand, and the story of  Saimai, the Bengal Tigress who lives at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo came to mind.  

Saimai and her "cubs" are the main attraction.

Saimai is two years old. 

Saimai doesn't seem to mind the unclothed piglets. The outfits may have been meant to provide a show for paying ferangs (tourists) or she ate those piglets and they didn't have time to make outfits for ...supper.

I was in Beijing once and a saw a little girl with a pet rabbit. I asked her what the rabbit's name was. She told me, "delicious meal". I suspect this pig has the same name, only I don't know how to say it in Thai.

Saimai was an orphan and was nursed by a pig when she was a cub. It puts the whole situation in a better perspective. 

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