Thursday, March 5, 2009

Harry Potter Actor - Murder Trial

He played Ravenclaw student, Marcus Belby in the soon to be released film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (Harry Potter #6). Rob Knox, 18 years of age, was stabbed to death outside a bar in southwest London nearly a year ago. Today, the murderer received life in prison. Knox stepped in between the man who would take his life and his brother, with the intent of protecting his brother.

Though I have no particular affiliation with actors, with Knox or with this crime, the notion that a young man would put himself in harms way to protect his brother struck a cord with me. 

The murderer, Karl Bishop, showed no remorse for the murder. When the police told him that Knox died, he replied, "Yeah, sweet."

When I learned that the judge at London't Old Bailey criminal court sentenced Bishop to life in prison, I said, "No kidding? Sweet!"


WoFat said...

England needs the death penalty. Suffocation with a wet mop.

The Fien Family said...

How sad...tragic.

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