Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday in the Desert

Crawling in the rocks

.5o Caliber Israeli Desert Eagle handgun 
(Ready - FIRE! - aim)

US Marine Corps C-130 (crashed) and Toyota FJ Cruiser "SCORPION"


nsp said...

manage to shoot any bird :)


LL said...

No birds, just paper targets.

WoFat said...

First we see a picture of an off-road vehicle. Then a pic of some man with a pistol. Then a photo of a busted plane. Did the man shoot the plane? The vehicle? His foot?

LL said...

The aircraft was not downed with the .50 caliber Desert Eagle, though the Eagle is one big son-of-a-gun. The vehicle (world famous Scorpion) takes the man and his offspring on some very cool adventures.

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