Friday, March 13, 2009

Victory - Not Justice

The measured beat of a muffled drum on a foggy morning. Six men carry the clay of another soldier to rest in a garden of stones: Crosses, Stars of David, obelisks we use to remember our fallen. 

The best and brightest hopes for families, planted under the sod were not shed so that terrorists captured in the war could receive some abstract reward that the current president defines as "justice". The commander-in-chief does not demand victory over our enemies and I find myself asking the question, why? Perhaps he panders to the mob, the great, fickle, unwashed who vote according to their lusts and their whims.

Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden promised that America would be attacked by jihadists while Barack Hussein Obama is president. Perhaps that is the only campaign promise he intended to keep?  
American service men and women don't ask for much. They ask for the opportunity to serve and if they fall, that their deaths bring with them meaning. If they are maimed on the field of battle, they ask that their scars or amputations, purchased at so high a personal cost be vindicated by national resolve.

Our resolve is slipping.


Opus #6 said...

This is a part that saddens and sickens me. To see the Gitmo detainees running to head the show again for the Taliban. And so we will let more out? Why did our soldiers die and sacrifice? Why are we again asking our intelligence agencies to perform with one arm tied behind their back? Do we not want to be safe?

LL said...

Will we let more out? Yes
Why did our soldiers die Most soldiers don't vote "Democrat" so I don't think the present regime cares.
CIA Leon Panetta is in charge of the CIA. I can't think of a more inept doofus to put in charge unless it would be Slow Joe Biden.
Safety I think the idea now that B. Hussein Obama is the commander-in-chief is to befriend our enemies. Hillary gave $900 million to Hamas in the Gaza. How many bullets will that buy?

WoFat said...

The entire top of the deck is stacked with dufus lefties. And still, young men will put on uniforms, high pressure suits, or swim fins and do or die at the bidding of these slime. Why? Because they're Americans; not something understood by many people in public office.

The lads and lassies in the government understand power and cash, and do not really believe that anything can happen here. How soon they forget, and how soon they will have a chance to make more memories because of their ineptness.

911 didn't really hit home with them. It was only something to utter slogans about, appear on TV about, while stripping the treasury.

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