Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1961 - Retrospective

January, 1961 - LL with first girlfriend
There were a lot more things different in 1961 than me (though I was different then than I am now). The world was a lot simpler in many ways. Milkmen delivered milk then, there was no fast food, though hamburgers were still popular and cellular telephones weren't even the stuff of science fiction yet.

If you traveled by air, it was not by jet aircraft and the stewardesses on the airplanes were pretty (many now are hired by the pound - why hire a 120 lbs flight attendant when you can get twice the attendant for the same money).

My children think that I was born as a contemporary of the dinosaurs and there are times I think they're not that far off.


Azra said...

WOW!! I love love loooovveee looking into the past. You do realise that I wasn't even thought of in 1961...not until 2 decades later! lol.

Love the pics too. I sometimes wish I could travel back into time to catch a glimpse of what life was like.

Opus #6 said...

That childhood pic is adorable.

WoFat said...

What did you do to that little girl? You're smiling and she looks like she's in shock.

darlin said...

So sweet and innocent, and yes I too remember the days when milk was either delivered to the door in town or on the farm when you just went out and milked the cow with no worries.

Life was so much simpler, people were not dropping dead from clogged arteries caused by the fast foods, the air was clean and the water was still blue...heck you didn't even have to lock doors on your house or your car! sigh...the good old days!

The Fien Family said...

Mom was born in 1961...its crazy that you were already in kindergarten by then! haha

LL said...

By 1961, I was in First Grade. I didn't attend Kindergarten.

And life was quite different then from what it is today.

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