Thursday, May 14, 2009

I want a Ferret

No, not a little furry weasel, an armored scout car of the type featured above. The rig above is a 1960 Ferret Armored Scout Car MK 2/3. A total of 4,409 Ferrets were produced and many such as the one above, are street-legal in the US and owned by private enthusiasts. 

The women blog readers will shake their heads and ask, "Why do you want a Ferret?" The answer is simple. I want another toy to play in the desert with. Yes, I have a world class Toyota FJ Cruiser but it's simply not the same thing as the Ferret. And since when was one toy enough for any guy?

Am I just a large child?  Uh, YES! I'm a guy, aren't I?


Opus #6 said...

That thing could come in handy. Maybe order a second one for bungalow bill.

AD said...

now that is a post i can read and reread and yet never grow old readin it :)

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