Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Review: The Predator

My girls squeal that these movies are scary. I consider Alien vs Predator (AVP) a coming of age story where three young adolescent Predators land on Earth to engage in a rite of passage that involves taking on an Alien, killing it and claiming the skull as a trophy.

The Uber Predator comes to earth in Alien vs Predator Requiem (AVPR) following the crash of a Predator Scout Ship that releases a bunch of aliens. The Predator is more or less the Texas Ranger of Predators ("one riot, one Ranger") and he takes on the aliens to the stunning climax as a Colorado town becomes worse for the wear.

Bottom line, these movies are entertaining if you enjoy action, sci-fi and extraterrestrial combat.


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LL said...

I don't like monster movies as a rule. There are the Godzilla classics but they are only good for a laugh as creatures such as Rodan battle Godzilla over control of a city in Japan.

Predator/Alien movies are something different and it was inevitable that somebody came out with a Predator vs Alien movie. They're suspenseful, there's a lot of Hollywood blood in them and they're far enough separated from reality that you never feel as if you're watching a slasher movie set in the neighborhood next to yours.

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