Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saving Detroit

Can you identify the car in the photo (above)? 

Yes, it's another family car (see post below).  A 1967 Rambler Rebel. Don't feel bad if you don't remember the American Motors Company (made the Rambler automobiles) because they went out of business in the same way as Hudson, International and Studebaker. My father bought a 1967 Rambler Rebel that he was enormously proud of. It was fast - a muscle car in its day that kept up with the other notable cars of the era: Camero, Barracuda, Road Runner, Mustang. 

American Motors went out of business without a bail out from the US government because it didn't produce an automobile that the public wanted at a profit. Today the taxpayers are underwriting failed businesses and the government is taking ownership in failed businesses. The government can't do anything at a "profit". Government does one thing well: spend money. They don't earn money unless they levy a MANDATORY tax. Business doesn't operate that way and when you merge government and business you create FAILURE.

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WoFat said...

I envy you the Studebaker Hawks. We had Studebakers, but no Hawks. Sigh.

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