Monday, May 25, 2009

Kingdom of Heaven

 Kingdom of Heaven
Director's Cut

When Hollywood released the movie Kingdom of Heaven, they chopped the original version to the extent that it lost all the meaning of the Original Director's Version. 

If it's not my favorite movie, it's in the top half dozen and I highly recommend this film in the version specified.

"A woman in my place has two faces. One for the world and one which she wears in private. With you I'll only be Sybilla."


Opus #6 said...

I have to see this movie.

AD said...

ahhh a woman.
she isnt just two faces.
she has layers beneath layers.
and just when you think you are there, you are exposed to another layer :)

life as you know it comes in the shape and attire of an onion for a woman!

but i will watch this one!

M Junaid said...

i liked this movie.
I did feel it was a bit biased though

(pro muslim)

but Ridley did a complete 180 with his next piece.

Azra said...

I loved this movie and I have it on DVD, even went to the premier in London, stalking a very delicious looking Orlando Bloom at the time :D *sigh*

That aside, I agree 100%. The directors cut is a MUCH better version than the one released. It explains so much more and enriches the for example, it shows why Sybilla made those decisions - the fact that Guy was holding their son hostage...she acted out of love for her son, not because she was a selfish bitch.

I think those cuts altered the story considerably. I've since tried to find the Directors Cut on DVD here, but couldnt find it. I'll have to go to London and buy it there :P

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