Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Next Cool Car

2008  BMW-M1 (concept car)

I'd love to have one but I think they 
only produced one or maybe two.

BMW M10 - New for 2010

I've been pondering my next COOL car purchase. When I say "cool", I'm definitely not talking about some sled that handles like a landing craft. I enjoy driving and pushing something down the freeway that purrs appropriately. I've always been partial to BMW and miss the 5-Series I used to have.

I had been seriously considering the M5 or M6 until I heard about the new M10. The M10 will feature an all-carbon fiber skin over a V-10 engine producing 550 HP.

* When I say my next cool car, it doesn't mean that I won't buy a different car for running around and such before I buy this one -- but this is one of those machines I have my eye on.


darlin said...

Beauty! I'd be jealous! :-)

WoFat said...


Opus #6 said...


The Fien Family said...

Nice! That would be so cool if you get one!

Azra said...

If they only made two, I want the other one :)

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