Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Tummy Tub

In due consideration for my granddaughter, who should come into the world kicking and screaming within the next week, I was looking at innovative baby supplies I could buy, having more money in my pocket than brains in my head.

It's a frigging bucket. And they want $55.00 for it. A bucket at home depot (with somebody's logo on it) sells for $5.00.  I wonder if the Tummy Tub people will attack me here on this blog for calling their baby-friendly innovative device "a bucket". But look at it. That's precisely what it is. calls it a "spa baby European style tub". Well, if it's European, maybe that explains why it's so expensive. Do Europeans bathe their babies in $55 buckets? And if they do, does that mean that we should too?

One of the features mentions is the fact that the bucket (spa baby European tub) is recyclable. I guess they don't think it will last as long as a regular bucket. I have buckets in the garage I've had for a decade and may never recycle because they last that long. Is the baby so hard on the bucket that it might crack soon in its service life? 

Roughly half of the people who bought this product on gave it 1 of 5 possible stars. One lady wrote:

"I'm so surprised to read that other people actually like this tub! We received it as a gift while living in the UK and neither my husband and I nor our daughter liked it at all! She was squished into it so that she couldn't move and splash about and we found it really difficult to wash her. Our child also didn't like being swaddled, so perhaps she was just too much of a mover and shaker for this, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone."

From this review I can deduce that British people do buy these things. 


Opus #6 said...

I like that the tub is see-through. You get to see all their cuteness and chubs. Of course, I resisted buying one, myself. I don't usually purchase baby gear that is only good for a month or so.

LL said...

If you simply bought a bucket at WalMart or Costco (with an eye on a transparent bucket) you could use it for years. Then again, you couldn't call it a Baby Euro Spa treatment - you'd have to call it a bucket.

darlin said...

Hmmm, I wonder if one could sell invisible Buckets for the invisible cats? Possibly for a bit cheaper than these ones, $49.95 includes all taxes AND shipping and handling? Yup, that would work!

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