Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tokyo Express (the latest from Japan)


Trust the Japanese to come up with their own spin on bottled water. I give you Bottled Water in a CAN. Why don't the Japanese call it "canned water"? Who knows? If a Japanese person happens on this blog, please explain for the benefit of all.

Next (below) is the fire breathing robot. As I understand it there are many of these sorts of robots in Tokyo which serve as decorations. This one is different because it shoots napalm from its mouth as part of a stage show. Clearly it's the state-of-the-art in controlling unruly fans at a concert. 
I wonder if it was inspired by the Sci-Fi Classic, "The Day The Earth Stood Still"? I'm slightly disappointed that it wasn't a fire breathing Godzilla or Rodan since they are so classically Japanese.

Up for a "quickie" or a place of repose for a traveling "salaryman"?
For those of you who have visited Tokyo, Osaka or any other large Japanese city, you'll know that finding a hotel room can be a challenge. Not to worry. Now you can visit a "First Cabin" airline theme modular hotel. The rooms rent for $50.00 per night for a first class room or $40 per night for a business class room. There are separate co-ed public shower/bath areas as is customary in capsule hotels. Daytime stays are also possible by-the-hour if you simply need to catch a few winks or have some sort of liaison planned at the modest rate of $9 per hour. The First Cabin hotel is completely cashless. Reservations can be made on-line or with a mobile phone internet interface.

As a note, many Westerners find the notion of a public co-ed washroom/toilet facility/shower and bath set up to be somewhat strange. The first time I was standing at a urinal in Asia and two women walked past me to use the toilet facilities behind me, I'll admit I was a little freaked out.  Different countries - different customs.


WoFat said...

Japan is a fun place . . . if you stay out of riots.

LL said...

If you don't START the riot you end up having to stay out of.

I still don't believe that story you tell of being FORCED to hide out in a Geisha house overnight because of a riot. If you told a more credible story, one that goes like this: "I wanted an excuse to hang out in the Geisha house so I started a riot and then ran for the door." I would find it more believable, knowing your character and that of your friends as well.

I mean, that's PRECISELY what Willy C would have done. Except with his luck, the Geisha house would have burnt down because of the riot...

The Fien Family said...

hahahaha...water in a can, hmmmm.

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