Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Indulge Me (for one more moment)

Yes, I'm a proud grandpa. Alyssa getting her first bath. The way things worked out, I was supposed to be in Washington, DC --  Monday and through this week for meetings pertaining to business. Due to client issues, I had to put those meetings off and it allowed me to be present for my granddaughter's birth. 

These are seminal moments in life and I'm so very happy that things were delayed and that I was able to be present. Not everything that counts can be counted - not everything that can be counted counts. 
Alyssa was born to a mother and father who wanted her. She was born into families of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles - to an extended family who welcomed her. She will grow up around those who love her.  Of all the things a baby can be given, that unconditional love and acceptance it the most important.
Emilie, my youngest daughter, who is also known as the family princess, pronounced that she will be giving up her tiara (crown) to Alyssa. 

Though I have important work to be done today, I'll give you one guess where I'll go before I need to work... To the hospital to visit Kelly, Devin and Alyssa.


Opus #6 said...

So calm for her first bath. Looks like you've got another good one there. Sweet, perfect and beautiful.

LL said...

Strange as it may seem, I gave her mother her first bath when she was born. I more or less muscled the hospital staff and they let me do it. It's one of the fondest memories of newborns I have. She (her mother Kelly) LOVED her first bath, smiled and giggled.

darlin said...

So sweet and good for you to have the time and be there for this joyous occassion. I think that it's so cool that you got to bathe Kelly and now the new princess! You have a huge heart LL!

Red said...

How precious! God bless her and congratulations ;-)

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