Thursday, June 25, 2009

NY Field Observations (factoids)

Blogging from NY, NY - on the road
Do you heart NY - really heart it?

Some field observations of New Yorkers:
  • New Yorkers never wear short trousers - only tourists wear them.
  • The only New Yorkers who will look you in the eye are cops and hookers. Otherwise - no.
  • Bagels are better in New York than anywhere else. The same goes for pizza. Nobody really knows why but everyone has a theory.
  • New York Police Officers wear hats that look like bus driver hats. They are sensitive when you point this out.
  • New Yorkers never walk around the streets with a drink in their hands. The only place you can get away with that and look perfectly natural is New Orleans and Key West.
  • There are a lot of Orthodox Jews in New York - I mean a lot. If they all voted Republican, Hillary Clinton (the lady from Arkansas) wouldn't have been made a Senator from NY. Which tells me that either they don't vote or somebody needs to do some organizing.
  • New Yorkers are very sensitive about 9/11. They all have pictures of dead friends from that day.
  • At least 50% of NY cab drivers wear turbans.
  • A friendly New Yorker (to a tourist) is a New Yorker trying to work you for money.


WoFat said...

In New Orleans the Powers That Be prefer (It's a law) drinkers use paper or plastic containers, not glass, from which to sip the beverage of their choice. Not allowing people to drink on the street is barbaric.

Opus #6 said...

Funny list. Makes sense in the big city.

WoFat said...

NY . . . The place is simply filled with Yankees.

darlin said...

I now have a new appreciation for my city! Thanks for sharing your list LL, only 20% of our cabbies wear turbans, no alcohol on the streets is tolerated (good thing, people here are nuts enough), and people actually do smile at you and don't want a thing! I love Edmonton, for tonight anyways!

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