Monday, June 1, 2009

Lost Airline Luggage

--blogging while on the road--

I flew to a US City today for meetings. Instead of sending my luggage on the airplane I rode on, Delta Airlines sent the luggage to Atlanta.

It's been worse. About four years ago my luggage was sent to Morocco. In each case it was returned -- in time. However it's embarrassing to show up to a meeting where everyone is a suit but "you".

The airline lost luggage people were civil. I was too. It arrived at my hotel 14 hours after I arrived. Better late than never. Better on the airplane landing with me than in Atlanta.

The worst experiences with I've seen with luggage hell is at Charles De Gaulle Airport where baggage handlers have the baggage area of the airport fill with luggage - and in order to clear the room(s), they put your bags on the next airplane - to wherever.

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Opus #6 said...

The Burke cartoon is awesome. Nothing like a cartoon to make the statement palpable. And I like the blog logo picture. EJECT! I bet you wish you could have. ;-)

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