Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exploring Aircraft Crash Sites

It's something to do with my daughter on weekends when there's not much else to do.

You can call it a hobby if you'd like. It's not an obsession.

I like to find crashed aircraft in the California desert(s) and explore the wreckage, take some photos, etc. It's a lot like a treasure hunt because they're not always as intact or as easy to find as the C-130 Hercules pictured below.

My Toyota FJ Cruiser under-wing.

The most comprehensive exploration I'm aware of has been compiled on-line by Joe Idoni. CLICK HERE to view his journey of exploration.


WoFat said...

Finding downed aircraft is a good way to use Google Earth.

Opus #6 said...

Fun in the sun!

darlin said...
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darlin said...

Sounds interesting! What's the most memorable find for you to date?

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