Friday, June 26, 2009

Forever Orange?

In order to have a credible job, you need a credible threat. The Department of Homeland Security requires a daily HIGH RISK of terrorist attack. I fly for work and I fly for recreation. It's always "threat level orange", the Department's way of promoting vague anxiety, building a sense of fear and creating a need for me to remove my shoes, belt and wristwatch to protect the nation's airlines.

What is the Department of Homeland Security's long-term counterterrorism strategy? Is it credible? I'm frankly not sure what it is and I've been checking. I discount the Xenophobic rantings of concern about returning veterans, Americans who are against illegal immigration, attend a 'tea party rally' or who oppose abortion as being highly prone to turn domestic terrorist.

Whatever it is, they never seem to be able to drop below HIGH RISK, imminent danger of attack. Somebody ought to tell them that if they want to maintain any credibility at all, they should lower it to YELLOW ALERT (elevated risk of terrorist attack) occasionally to prove that they're meeting with some success or even GENERAL RISK of terrorist attack - genuine success. I suspect that if it dropped to General Risk, people would loose their jobs and people might question the mighty budget of the Department of Homeland security.

The emperor doesn't have clothes on, and the emperor knows it and doesn't care. Neither does the public. If that's the situation, you also need to ask yourself whether or not we live under rational leadership or under a brand of tyranny... don't you?


Opus #6 said...

Have a safe trip.

Re: tyranny, it appears we are abandoning the principles of our Constitutional Republic as quickly as possible. That is cause for alarm. Are the business takeovers constitutional? Does anybody do anything about it?

darlin said...

The power of instilling fear, there is something to be said about this and I have nothing positive to say about it so I will carry on...

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