Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Death Valley - Ballarat

The Ballarat Trading Post, part of Old Death Valley that has been here since the days of the Gold Rush. The old cowboy runs the place, and it's part of the vanishing Old West. Ballarat is a long way from anywhere and there's nothing but the trading post that consists of a main room and a bedroom where the cowboy sleeps.
The Barker Ranch (above) was made famous as the hide out for the Charles Manson Family/cult in the 1960's. The ranch is the same now as it was when Manson lived there. Nobody has lived there since and it's one of many abandoned places in Death Valley. It's about a day's walk - maybe two - from Ballarat. The Mansons kidnapped two girls who escaped down the mountain to Ballarat and notified authorities.  Days after we left, somebody found another human skeleton not far from the house. After the cult killed people they kidnapped, they buried them in the hills in unmarked graves.
The Scorpion negotiating a mountain road.
My daughter, E-L, who likes to go off-road and to explore. She also likes to drive the rig on rough roads and is a good companion on these trips.


Opus #6 said...

Looks fun!

WoFat said...

Looks like great fun. Good place to go body hunting.

Devin and Kelly said...

what about devin and i!

LL said...

Kelly, you need to have the baby and then let the baby get old enough to come along!

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