Monday, April 6, 2009

Invisible Cat

Invisible Cat
-pictured in this bedroom-

There are those of you who are thinking to yourself, "the invisible cat bicycle is for me." There are others who are not feline friendly who are thinking, "I don't want a cat or an invisible bicycle for a cat, but my spouse is a cat lover. LL, what do I do?"

I have a solution. For $29.95 and for a limited time only, I am offering invisible cats for sale, from this blog.  (please specify whether you prefer a tabby or a tom when ordering)

Think of the advantages:
  • No smelly food to feed your pet.
  • No scratching pole or shredded drapes to worry about.
  • No costly vet bills.
  • No annoying litter box to kick over in the night when you're walking from here to there.
  • No more cat hair to vacuum up.
  • Dogs will not chase the kitten up a tree anymore.
  • Balls of twine will be quite safe on the floor.
This solution offers all of the benefits with none of the problems associated with cat ownership.

Your invisible cat will arrive at your door in a box. Simply open the box and let the cat out. Tell your friends, amaze your neighbors at how orderly your home is now that you have an invisible cat as a pet. Those of you who order a female cat may end up with invisible kittens. Unwanted invisible kittens are in great demand. Put them in a wicker basket and take them to the local hospital where the elderly and demented are in need of pet-therapy companions. There is no greater gift than the gift of love (an invisible kitten).

Free Shipping - anywhere in North America 
- remember supplies are limited - act now!


WoFat said...

I recommend your offer only to people who do not currently own cats. Households with visible felines will have endless trouble with the invisible kitty. However, if you don't presently have a cat, the new one will be so nice to have around you will seldom notice that it's even there.

Opus #6 said...


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Too bad you don't have invisible dogs for sale...

Awesome bedroom by the way.

WoFat said...

You don't have one? How odd.

People with dogs usually have at least one invisible puppy around somewhere. When the visible dogs start to bark and howl at "nothing" are when the invisible dog is most noticeable.

LL said...

I'm having a problem keeping up with the demand for invisible cats. Most prefer the toms, so I have a few tabby's available and am willing to discount them 10%.

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