Thursday, April 2, 2009

The "Small Red Spot"?

The Great Red Spot, a storm that has been raging in the Jovian Atmosphere (pictured lower right on the planet) is shrinking. Nobody knows much about the Great Red Spot including what it's made of. Current theory, unsubstantiated by any facts, holds that the storm, which is about 3x the size of Earth, dredges up "stuff" from the interior of the planet that rises to the surface and turns red when exposed to sunlight. (Source: Cal Berkley Astrophysics Dept.) Some scientists believe the storm will blow itself out by 2100. I can't wait to see that...


The Fien Family said...

If you do live to see it and it doesn't happen until 2100, you will be the oldest person to ever live! haha

WoFat said...

"There's nothing wrong with me. It's just a little red spot. It used to be a big red spot, but it's getting better. Now, get off my back."

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