Thursday, April 23, 2009

Psychotronic Weapons Research

This is an area where pseudo-science and science meet and the results sometimes seem bizarre at the least. For the most part, there is some agreement that there are biological effects to extremely low frequency magnetic fields. Can those fields be harnessed for the purpose of mind control? It's a question people have been asking for the past seventy years.

The Soviet Union and today, the Russian Federation has conducted significant research into developing Psychotronic weapons that could be employed both secretly and more overtly for the benefit of national policies. Some of the results of researchers such as Igor Smirnov (psychodiagnosis and psychodirection) have been viewed skeptically and without independent scientific review, experimenting with the same methods and obtaining the same results, many scientists will remain skeptical that targeted mind control is anything but a myth.

However, while you are rolling your eyes in disbelief, keep in mind that President Vladimir Putin signed a law into effect in Russia in 2001 making it "illegal to employ electromagnetic, infrasound radiators and other weapons of psychotronic influence with the intent to harm - in effect methods of harming or influencing humans at a distance". The Russians clearly believe that such methods have merit.

Israel and other nations including the US invested time and effort into researching psychotronic weapons. The Israelis attempted to use them to control the Palestinians and found that they didn't work. They used the methods that were developed by the military and security services of the former Soviet Union. CLICK HERE to read more on the subject.

How do I feel about the issue of psychotronic weapons? I'm keeping an open mind.

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aleksandrova elisaveta said...

Thanks!--This post touch an too intersting theme, althought it is a llitle bit of general educational value.--I'm beliving,that psychotronic weapons arent only a myth.--Yes, if someone go deeper on this topic ,he maybe will not sound normally,but it is the nutshell of the psychotronic weapons.-I readed it with a great interes-Thanks!

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