Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make EXTRA Money!

Ok, you're at home and it's Saturday. The economy is difficult and you ponder your skill sets. What can you do to make a few extra bucks? 

What about entertainment? People will always pay for that! 

What about feeding a snake through your nose and pulling it out through your mouth? It's been done before but it never really took hold outside of Asia.

You've been trying to come with a new scheme and here it is, on my blog. 

Feel free to practice this at home. It may clean your sinuses if you have a cold - and you can't afford traditional pharmaceutical remedies. Now you'll be on the road to financial freedom in no time to spite the difficult economy. Family members and neighbors who ignored you before will be talking about you now. You'll be invited to more parties. You'll find new friends - and if the old ones don't like what you're doing with your spare time, that's THEIR problem.

Amanda, I was thinking Braden could do this at the police department at briefing to amuse the sergeant and the watch commander.

Julia, I'm thinking that you could take an act on the road - you and the kids, each with your own snakes. 

Devin, no more "Dog Spot" needed in the car business.

WoFat, you could do this in the churches in Alabama and you just MIGHT be the next messiah.

Suggestion: Don't use a poisonous snake.


WoFat said...

Okay, okay! It's either the walking on water or snakes. You can't have both.

The Fien Family said... Braden can use it to clear his sinuses instead of taking medicine:)

LL said...

Let's call it "natural medicine" for Braden's sake.

Azra said...

LOL....surely the global financial crisis is not that bad? Ok, maybe it is :)

LL said...

The global financial crisis is subjective to the individual, but having some sort of skill set that has a market value is never a bad idea.

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