Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Am I Thinking?

Guys, are you ever perplexed by women? 

The thing that drives me (most) insane about women in general and it applies to my beloved daughters is that they expect men to read their minds. 

I've been told before (living in a household of women) that they want us, meaning men, to anticipate their moods, needs and wants. 

it's impossible

Men are disarmingly simple creatures. Women give us too much credit for guile. The male brain revolves around sex, food and play. That's IT women. I've heard women say that it's insulting to women that men only think about those three things.
Uh, SORRY. We're men. We can't help it.

Don't get me wrong, balancing sex, food and play isn't as easy as it sounds. This life we men live requires a balance and it's usually not fulfilled to the extent it's needed. To an extent, sex can be offset by more toys and a meal. 

I do hear women say, "I don't understand men." 

I reply, "sex, food, toys." They shake their heads -- it can't be THAT simple.

Again, SORRY - it is.


WoFat said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

Red said...

Women complicate themselves. It's in our genes. But you men love us anyway :-)

LL said...

Oh, I'm not saying that men don't love you to spite the complexity. It's simply that for the most part, we're not as adept as women are.

Women will ask, "do I look fat in this dress?" (a purely rhetorical question -- eliciting a response to determine how smart a man is)

An enlightened man will look the dress over and say "no" in his most intellectual tone, to spite the fact that the dress is bursting at the seams and the PSI is such that the buttons are HOMICIDE BUTTONS - if they break off, they'll fly as fast as bullets.

The unenlightened man will provide a response other than "no".

Devin and Kelly said...

haha yes i have realized that women are complicated men are not. and yet you men not being complicated drives us women crazy!

The Fien Family said...

Once you figure us women out, it makes your (men) lives a lot easier...our lives (women) get easier when we just tune you all out when you annoy us:) hahaha Men do the same thing or so I have noticed over the years. Women think a lot more about everything...we talk to hear ourselves speak. We don't always want an answer to a problem, we just want to be heard. Men like to solve the problem, yet we don't want to hear the solution. For instance, a woman says "I feel fat". The man says, "then stop eating crap and go work out." Us women already know we should, but that is not the answer we are looking for.

LL said...

What answer do you want to hear, Amanda?

Tell us what you want to hear and we'll tell you.

The Fien Family said...

I don't know what I want to hear...that's the problem. And I don't want to hear, "well you just had a baby" anymore! I just want my old body to reappear:(

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

What about work? My husband seems to think about work most of all.

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