Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Only in America

Yes, only in America, the land of the Big Mac and supersized french fries is there this sort of access to the gym... It makes me want to put a paper bag over my head in shame. I posted this for Azra (one of the blog followers) because I don't think they have this feature at the gyms in South Africa.


WoFat said...

I'm sure that when you go onto the gym, the machines move and the exerciser need only hold on to them.

Opus #6 said...

You really *do* have an awesome blog.

LL said...

I think the main attraction of the gym is the juice bar. High sugar beverages (that you "burn off") and chairs where you can sit and watch the beautiful people sweat.

Oh, yes, you can go to a machine that moves while you linger, trying to allow your muscles to flex. But you tire of that and need a late frappacino with extra whipped cream or a choco-mocha smoothie - hold the whipped cream if you're on a diet.

Bobo_Didi said...

Your blog is so funny!

Azra said...

LOL LOL...yeah you're right, we don't have this here in South Africa. We actually have to climb stairs *gasp* lol.

And the only drinks they serve at our gyms are coffee, black or with milk and health stuff like bran muffins.

However, most people dont go there to eat, we go to work off the excess pasta from the night before :)

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