Monday, April 20, 2009

Piracy - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

The Tamil people's liberation (terrorist) movement (LTTE) is currently foundering after a forty year effort to break off from Sri Lanka (Island of Ceylon). The government of Sri Lanka has pushed them into the northern portion of the country and the armed resistance is using the civilian population as human shields as the are they control is diminished and as the apparent end draws nigh. 

Piracy on the high seas is one of the means used by the LTTE to fund itself. The Sea Tigers is the naval arm of the LTTE and over the past years, it was a significant threat to the Sri Lankan Navy. According to a 2006 publication of the Woodrow Wilson school of Politics and International Studies, the Sea Tigers destroyed up to 50% of the Sri Lankan navy.  That activity has diminished in recent months (CLICK HERE) as the territory the LTTE controls shrank. In February, the Sri Lankan military captured the Sea Tiger naval base at Mullaitivu.
Among craft captured was the Sea Tiger submarine (above). 

As the threat of high seas piracy from the LTTE Sea Tigers diminishes, pirates that are not aligned with this movement remain in the general eastern Indian Ocean, making transits by small craft more at risk than they would otherwise be.

Vessels taken  in acts of piracy by the Sea Tigers include: Irish Mona, Princess Wave, Athena, Misen, Morong Bong, Cordiality, Princess Kash, Farah III, and the Sik Yang.

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In order to have a successful revolution, you must revolt against something that everyone knows is there. Ceylon - - - sounds like a hair wash.

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