Thursday, April 9, 2009

Socialist Challenge

There are a lot of people out there who are closet socialists. Don't be! Be proud of who you are. Proclaim yourself. A great way to start would be to take the my challenge.

SET AN EXAMPLE for the conservatives!

Rather than calling for others to pay for your dreams for society, SET AN EXAMPLE for conservatives. Here are some ideas for you to walk the walk instead of simply talking the talk.

  1. If you are so interested in feeding, clothing and providing medical care for the homeless, move a homeless family into your home. Squeeze a little tighter and if you need extra money to pay for their food and health care, get a second job. Work nights.
  2. If you believe in allowing unrestrained illegal immigration, allow an illegal immigrant family to live in your home, share your food, pay for their health care. If you need extra money to cover their expenses, get a night job.
  3. You are NOT limited in how much you can pay in taxes. The government sets up a minimum - PLEASE PAY MORE than your share. After all, the government uses the money you earn and give them to do good. The Socialist government as presently constituted might be viewed as one big charity... like the Red Cross. Except where the Red Cross pays something like 25% in overhead and 75% in benefits, the Government encumbers something like 98% in overhead and 2% in benefits. 
  4. If you are concerned about people being able to afford health care, get a second job and donate that money to those without health care
I provided four simple things for you to do to set an example for the rest of us. 

If everyone who voted for Barack Obama took in an alien or homeless family and paid their expenses, there would be no homeless and the problem of aliens living like leaches on society would be solved since they would be leaching on YOU.

Taxes could go down, many people would be happy and the homeless family you adopt would enrich your lives as you worked harder to feed/clothe/put a roof over  them. You never know, people might look at your example and do the same thing. There is no need for expensive half-way houses for prisoners. Move them in with socialists who yearn to provide for the needs of the underclass.

Hollywood came out with a movie several years ago: Down and Out in Beverly Hills. Click the link, check out the plot summary - or rent the film. It's about a family that takes in a homeless man and he changes their lives. This could be you. Think about it. 

WALK THE WALK - don't just talk the talk!


The Fien Family said...

Amen! haha

darlin said...

I have to say this BEFORE I become certifiable, in social work this is... I love your concept! LOL

Yup this is it, let it all go before I have (choose) to live by my code of ethics...

Opus #6 said...

Do any socialists *read* your blog?

LL said...

I can't believe that a socialist would read what it is I write. I doubt any of them have the grey matter to comprehend the humor, to understand the logic that underpins the argument.

You can tell discern who they are because of the language they use. The lofty condescension, and haughty, high-handedness, the supercilious understanding of what is good for all lesser mortals.

None of them own businesses, work with their hands or earn their bread. They are best defined as eaters of other men's bread, parasites who feed today at society's jugular.

If they should drop by this blog they will dismiss my argument with a wink and a nod since they'd never stoop to do anything to aid the unwashed masses beyond manipulating them to buy their votes cheaply. They are a mass who can be exploited and kept poor for the purposes of the liberal agenda.

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