Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Russian Black Sea Fleet Order-of-Battle

Sometimes you need a program to tell who the players are. IF, and I'm not saying when, Russia invades Georgia, a large armored force will deploy south from South Ossetia to cut the country in half and another amphibious force will invade along the Black Sea Coast. This order of battle deals with the Russian force that would strike from the west.

Chief of Staff Vice Admiral P. G. Svyatashov

Black Sea Fleet - Naval Infantry
2 Independent Naval Infantry Battalions (reinforced)
1 Fleet Spetsnaz Brigade (reinforced)
250 Main battle tanks
300 Infantry fighting vehicles
200 Tube artillery

Black Sea Fleet - Naval Aviation (available for operations against Georgia)
1 Naval Attack Squadron (Su-17)
1 Independent Transport Squadron (An-24)
This could be reinforced from other commands.

Flagship - Moskva (Slava Class Cruiser)
11th Anti-Submarine Ship Brigade (3 cruisers, 1 destroyer, 2 guided missile frigates)
41st Missile Boat Brigade
68th Coastal Defense Warship Brigade
247th Submarine Battalion
197th Amphibious Ship Brigade

Russian naval infantry (marines)


WoFat said...

They look so very uncomfortable when marching.

LL said...

West African soldiers (don't ask me which country because I don't recall) seem to be the most comfortable when marching. I remember seeing them marching and it's as if each of them had a different tune (and a different beat) being played. Sort of like a Mardi Gras parade.

Europeans and nations of European extraction seem to take the marching much more seriously.

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