Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dinosaurs Were Here (Really?)

When you consider that one of the things I enjoy doing is finding fossils and remnants of dinosaur life on the planet, I find the presumption some people take in dismissing physical evidence--disconcerting. 

How did oil (made from living organisms who flourished on the planet) get 5,000 ft down int the Earth in rock so we can pump it up and run machines with it? The obvious answer is that God miracled it down there... a couple thousand years ago.

Is it possible that people living today actually believe the earth is a mere 6,000 years old? 

I suppose it is. I want to find those people. 

I have a bridge that I want to sell them (Brooklyn Bridge). It's a very cool bridge, albeit a costly one. Give me the cash and I'll print up the deed.


The Fien Family said...

I agree with you...not everyone does, which I think is crazy.

The Fien Family said...

The Midshipman photos are on YOUR camera...send them to me please!

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